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Talent Outlook 2023 eBook

By Universum, 2023-01-30

We are pleased to share with you that the Talent Outlook 2023 eBook is now available for download! Our 2023 report dives into the current state of hiring and the talent outlook for 2023 and shares key trends and findings that employers should prioritize!

Talent Outlook 2023 eBook out now!

2023 may be the first true post-pandemic year for recruiting and talent management. Will COVID-era workplace norms persist? How will a slowdown in hiring affect pay negotiations, quality of life benefits, and employee engagement? And what actions can employers take to boost retention for key talent segments? The following answers, tips, and takeaways will all be shared with you in the eBook.

To assist talent leaders in comprehending how the economic downturn is changing the nature of work and the most significant trends and innovations that will result from this disruption, we have gathered the best forward-looking research. 

The major issues and trends that HR and talent acquisition leaders should think about and pay attention to this year are covered in our newest eBook, which is based on our annual Talent Outlook webinar presented by Universum Chief Strategist, Richard Mosley. 

The questions and subjects covered  in this free eBook include:   

  • Employers or Job seekers: who is controlling the hiring market?  

  • Talent Attraction

  • Why is retention important?  

  • Is it time to tune your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?  

  • Companies increasing productivity measure – are tensions rising between employees and employers? 

Discover the 2023 talent trends

Read our report to discover the current hiring landscape and gain insights into the talent outlook for 2023. Look into the key trends and findings that employer should prioritize.

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