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France's Most Attractive Employers 2024 | Universum

By Universum, 2024-07-03

Universum has officially released the results of its 2024 Most Attractive Employers survey in France, providing key insights into the companies and sectors that are capturing the attention of the nation's professionals across various disciplines. With participation from over 11,000 students between September 2023 and April 2024, the survey presents fresh data, highlighting trends and employer preferences among the current workforce.

France’s Most Attractive Employers for Professionals 2024

Paris, France – July 3, 2024 – As professionals across France navigate evolving career landscapes, Universum's latest professional survey reveals insights, key trends and preferences shaping the labor market in 2024. The study, encompassing a diverse range of sectors and roles, highlights a unified desire among engineers and business executives for competitive salaries, compelling missions, supportive work environments, and enhanced quality of life.

Motivations and Shifts in Professional Preferences

Experienced professionals are increasingly seeking management opportunities and prioritizing ethical practices and customer-centric values in prospective employers. Notably, a third of professionals anticipate changing employers within the year, with industries like Luxury Goods, Tourism, and Consulting seeing heightened mobility.

Drivers of Professional Mobility

Salaries, managerial quality, opportunities for personal growth, and international prospects emerge as primary factors motivating professionals to seek new opportunities. Over time, professionals are placing greater emphasis on purpose-driven roles and stability, with engineers advocating for increased flexibility and tailored support.

Industry Insights and Influence

The study underscores shifting industry perceptions: Banking, Energy, and Aerospace are gaining favor among professionals, contrasting declines in Consulting and E-Commerce.

The energy sector also saw a shift in this year’s survey among professionals, "It's definitely an industry that's on the up and up since 2022 and the end of the health crisis, because it's innovative, inspiring and has an image of a collaborative and committed spirit. And that is true for both engineers and business professionals," points out Aurélie Robertet, Managing Director for France.

Leadership in Employment Attraction

In the realm of business leadership, LVMH retains its premier position, followed by Hermès and a resurgent L'Oréal Group. Among engineers, Airbus leads the pack, with EDF making strides and Thales adjusting positions. In the IT sector, GAFAM stalwarts Google and Microsoft maintain dominance, with Thales also holding steady.

Employer Brand & Talent Insights

Understanding the reasons behind talent rankings is crucial for employers looking to improve their brand positioning. Universum offers unique insights into employer brand positioning based on the results of their talent surveys. By leveraging data-driven insights, companies can make informed decisions to enhance their employer brand and attract top talent.

"Young professionals recognize their value in today's dynamic landscape and are actively pursuing roles that offer challenge, competitive compensation, purpose, and stability," comments Aurélie Robertet, Country Manager for Universum France, emphasizing the enduring attractiveness of impactful assignments amidst market uncertainties.

The 2024 Student Research Rankings by Universum provide valuable insights into the evolving preferences of students in Italy. Employers who can offer challenging work, competitive compensation, professional development, and work-life balance will be well-positioned to attract and retain top talent. As the workforce continues to evolve, understanding and adapting to these trends will be crucial for companies looking to stay competitive in the market.

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