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Universum Global Presents Exciting 2023 Trends from the Brazil Student Survey

By Universum, 2023-08-10

Universum Global Presents Exciting 2023 Trends from the Brazil Student Survey

Discover who the Brazilian students want to work (and why)!

Do You Know Who’s Ranked Amongst the Top 100 Most Ideal Employers in Brazil?

This year, Universum conducted an extensive survey, reaching out to over 20,000 students from more than 120 schools in Brazil to identify their dream employers and the reasons behind their choices.

The survey covered diverse regions of the country and unveiled several compelling trends that are expected to shape the hiring and employer branding strategies of organizations in the upcoming year. Here are some key takeaways:

1. Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

The research has brought to light the strong desire among Brazilian students to achieve a healthy work-life balance. These ambitious young talents aim to strike a harmonious blend between their work-related responsibilities and obligations, and their personal activities, family commitments, social life, and hobbies.

Flora Minardi, Country Manager Brazil for Universum, emphasized the significant impact of this growing demand in the job market: “The data from this year’s survey reinforces how companies and organizations are recognizing the paramount importance of work-life balance for both productivity and talent retention. Many have already taken proactive steps by implementing policies and programs that foster a culture of equilibrium between work and personal life. These initiatives include flexible working hours, remote work options, and benefits that support employees’ family life and overall well-being.”

2. Impostor Syndrome, Gender Gaps in Salary… and in Preferences

According to the research, women are now prioritizing attributes related to purpose when choosing an employer, such as support for gender equality, corporate social responsibility, and ethical standards. On the other hand, men tend to value attributes associated with performance, rewards, and innovation. However, when negotiating their first salary after college, women still ask for 19% less than men.

3. Salary Expectations

The survey revealed that young Brazilians are willing to accept lower salaries right after graduating from university. This marks a notable decline in salary expectations, reaching the lowest point since 2019. Factors like political uncertainty, inflation, and layoffs have impacted students’ outlook on future earnings.

4. Job Preferences During Crisis

The survey also showed that IT and business students express a preference for larger organizations over startups. Flora Minardi commented, “Here we clearly see the impact of layoffs. In Brazil, we have witnessed several organizations reducing staff, which has generated anxiety among those entering the job market. The search for larger and established companies still signifies stability and security for young talent.”

About the survey

Universum’s comprehensive survey provides valuable insights into the preferences and expectations of students across various fields, offering invaluable guidance for employers aiming to attract and retain top talent. Understanding these trends will be instrumental for organizations seeking to enhance their employer branding strategies as the job market evolves and workforce priorities shift. On August 9th, Universum held the Awards as well as a networking event at the NU Bank offices in São Paulo, Brazil.

For further details and in-depth analysis of the survey findings, please visit http://universumglobal.com/rankings/brazil/.

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