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Student Survey 2024 | Canada

By Universum, 2024-05-07

Universum has officially released the results of its 2024 Most Attractive Employers survey in Canada, providing key insights into the companies and sectors that are capturing the attention of the nation's students across various disciplines. With participation from over 16,000 students between September 2023 and March 2024, the survey presents fresh data, highlighting trends and employer preferences among the future workforce.

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Universum Unveils 2024 Talent Insights for Canada 

Toronto, Ontario – May 7, 2024 – Universum, the global leader in employer branding, has released its much-anticipated 2024 Talent Insights report focusing on Canada. The comprehensive study, surveying over 16,000 Canadian students among 1 million participants worldwide, provides an in-depth look at the evolving preferences and expectations of the nation’s emerging workforce. 


Key highlights of this year’s survey include: 

Banking Sector Sees Remarkable Growth in Popularity 

The report reveals a significant surge in the banking sector's popularity as a preferred employer among young professionals in Canada. Notable financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Canada and JP Morgan have achieved top rankings, indicating a shift towards industries offering competitive remuneration, prestige, and robust career challenges. 

Increased Demand for Flexible Work Arrangements

Reflecting a global trend, Canadian young professionals are increasingly prioritizing flexibility in their work environments. The data suggests a growing preference for roles offering remote work options and a balanced approach to work-life integration, challenging traditional career advancement paths and reshaping employer branding strategies.  

Diversity in Industry Appeal Attracting Broader Talent Pool 

Industries traditionally dominated by specific demographics, such as aerospace and defense, are broadening their appeal. The report highlights a marked increase in interest from diverse job seekers, including a notable rise in female applicants in engineering and IT roles within these sectors. 

“Dedicated branding towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives not only shapes industries but also fosters a culture of progress”. Says Jeff Rugg, Senior Employer Branding Specialist at Universum. “As shown with the data in the aerospace and defense industry, it's evident that embracing DEI in your Employer Branding produces significant advancements. Even though it's not an industry that may necessarily be associated with DEI, some of the new policies and topics that they've started to talk showcase on their career sites appear to have taken shape.” 

Tailored Strategies for Recruitment 

“As the employment landscape evolves, so too must our strategies for attracting and retaining top talent,” said Nikki Trifunovic, Employer Brand Advisor at Universum Americas. “This year’s Talent Insights report equips employers with the data necessary to tailor their recruitment and retention strategies to meet the expectations of a new generation of workers.” 

The Universum 2024 Talent Insights report serves as a critical tool for employers across Canada, offering detailed analyses and trend forecasts that help navigate the complexities of the job market.  

For more information about the Universum 2024 Talent Insights report and to see a full list of top ranked employers in Canada, please visit our rankings page

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