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Student Survey 2024 | Finland

By Universum, 2024-05-08

Universum has officially released the results of its 2024 Most Attractive Employers survey in Finland, providing key insights into the companies and sectors that are capturing the attention of the nation's students across various disciplines. With participation from over 13,000 students between October 2023 and March 2024, the survey presents fresh data, highlighting trends and employer preferences among the future workforce.

Universum Survey Reveals Shifting Trends in Student Perceptions of Employers and Workplace Preferences

Helsinki, Finland, May 8, 2024 - Universum, the leading employer branding agency, announces the findings of its recent Students Survey, highlighting insightful trends in students' perceptions towards employers and workplace expectations in Finland. The comprehensive survey, gathering over 13,000 student voices and covering a diverse range of fields of study, explains the evolving dynamics of the job market and the evolving priorities of future professionals in the country.

Key Findings from the Universum Student Survey 2024:

Shift in Sustainability Focus

The survey data indicates a noteworthy shift in the significance attributed to various aspects of sustainability, with a marked increase in the importance of financial sustainability compared to environmental concerns.

Gender Disparities

Variations between male and female respondents were evident, particularly regarding their expectations concerning employer engagement with sustainability initiatives.

Field-Specific Preferences

Different academic disciplines, including Business, Engineering, IT, Law, and Health/Medicine, exhibit distinct attitudes towards remote work opportunities, with some demonstrating a stronger inclination towards flexibility than others. For example, the data shows Engineering students demonstrate a strong interest in flexibility in their work opportunities, with 52% expressing a desire for this flexibility. On the other hand, Law students appear less inclined in their flexibility preferences, with only 18% indicating interest in flexible work arrangements.

Importance of Work-Life Balance

The survey underscores the importance of work-life balance as a decisive factor for students when evaluating potential employers, with different interpretations observed across various fields. For instance, Business students in Finland exhibit a high interest in remote work opportunities, with 38% indicating a desire to work remotely. In contrast, Health/Medicine students seem less enthusiastic, with only 6% expressing interest in remote work. These statistics highlight the importance of understanding field-specific preferences when considering remote work options.

These trends reflect the evolving expectations and priorities of students entering the workforce, highlighting the importance for employers to tailor their strategies to effectively attract and retain talent.

Commenting on the findings, Mika Sallinen, Country Manager of Finland at Universum, remarked, "The survey results provide invaluable insights into the shifting landscape of student perceptions and expectations in the workplace. Employers must adapt their approaches to align with these evolving preferences to remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent."

The Universum 2024 Talent Insights report serves as a critical tool for employers in Finland, offering detailed analyses and trend forecasts that help navigate the complexities of the job market. 

For more information about the Universum 2024 Talent Insights report and to see a full list of top ranked employers in Finland, please visit our rankings page

The Rising Importance of Employer Branding 

Universum's findings highlight the critical role of effective and insights-guided employer branding and communication in attracting top talent. Companies that understand and align with the values and expectations of their future workforce—emphasizing aspects such as job security, development opportunities, and workplace culture—stand out in the competitive job market. The evidence in the research suggests that the greater proportion of businesses still have some work to do here.  

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