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Student Survey 2024 | Switzerland

By Universum, 2024-04-18

Universum has officially released the results of its 2024 Most Attractive Employers survey in Switzerland, providing key insights into the companies and sectors that are capturing the attention of the nation's students across various disciplines. With participation from 8,872 students between September 2023 and March 2024, the survey presents fresh data, highlighting trends and employer preferences among the future workforce.

The largest Talent Survey in Switzerland, conducted by Universum, is revealing the preferences and aspirations of Swiss students when it comes to their careers and their favorite employers. The 2024 survey has been carefully updated with the latest data from the Federal Statistical Office to ensure an accurate picture of the Swiss youth landscape. Some major shifts are at play, and not every company is equally attractive on campus to the future workforce they will engage with sooner or later.


  • Banking sector rises, with UBS leading as the most attractive employer.

  • Growing concerns over the widening wage gap, especially in business and STEM fields.

  • IT professionals are increasingly prioritizing job security over embracing new technologies due to fears of AI disruptions and recent layoffs in major tech companies.

  • Engineering opportunities flourishing, with companies like Hitachi and Richemont on the rise.

  • Top choices for IT students expanding, with companies like Deloitte and Julius Baer showing impressive growth.

  • Swiss students' remote work preferences shifted from three days to two days per week in our 2024 survey.

Our extended press releases are available in German and French.

"The 2024 Universum talent survey is bringing its lot of surprises! Our first observation is employers heavily relying on their strong consumer brand are no longer catching students’ votes if they are not active on campus or online. Professionals’ services and B2B companies are having a real pay off their activities in all the Universum rankings as Swiss students have paid more attention to companies offering them great careers. Business students show interest in the banking sector again, with UBS as the top pick, climbing in front of Google for the first time. Students are worrying about wage gaps, especially in tech and STEM. For the first time in many years, IT students value job security more than new technology, AI and layoffs occupying the headlines in 2023. Students in Engineering are also expanding their choice: Hitachi and Richemont attracting more talent than in the last years. When it comes to flexibility expectations, remote work preferences have shifted – students now prefer 2 days a week, not 3. The results from this year's talent survey can provide businesses valuable info to adjust their hiring plans for the future Swiss workforce."
Leo Marty
Country Manager Switzerland & Austria

The Rising Importance of Employer Branding 

Universum's findings highlight the critical role of effective and insights-guided employer branding and communication in attracting top talent. Companies that understand and align with the values and expectations of their future workforce—emphasizing aspects such as job security, development opportunities, and workplace culture—stand out in the competitive job market. The evidence in the research suggests that the greater proportion of businesses still have some work to do here.  

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