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The Employer Branding Geeks Podcast

By Universum, 2021-02-01

The Employer Branding Geeks podcast, hosted by Claes Peyron, Managing Director for Nordics, UK&I at Universum, is your monthly guide to the latest trends and strategies in Employer Branding (EB). Each 15-minute episode offers concise discussions in English, recorded in the studio at Universum's headquarters in Stockholm. Join us as we dive into the world of EB, providing actionable insights to elevate your employer branding efforts.

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#30 Authenticity in Employer Branding with Grant Thornton

In this episode, our guest Emil Stighäll, head of employer branding at Grant Thornton, together with our host Claes Peyron, share insights on the importance of authenticity in employer branding. Together, they discuss how content and culture should genuinely reflect the organization, based on insights from employer branding specialists.

They also emphasize the importance of measuring quality of hire, as it directly impacts the firm's business performance and profitability. With recommendations of focusing on data and measurement, aligning HR goals with business KPIs, and maintaining authenticity and real connections with students through a balanced approach of physical events and social media presence.

What are the key takeaways and lessons learned for being authentic in your Employer Branding efforts? 

Tune in to this episode to gain insights on authentic employer branding with Universum and Grant Thornton!

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The next normal in the workplace

In this episode, Marcus Jarl, a Behavioral Scientist at EY, and host Claes Peyron, explore the post-pandemic workplace. They discuss employer strategies amidst global challenges like climate change, AI, and economic shifts, offering insights on talent reassurance and successful employer practices.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

In this episode, Isa Wurie and Claes Peyron from Universum talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. They explore its significance for company culture, its relevance to younger generations, and why it's a trending topic. Tune in to discover the benefits for employers and actionable steps for fostering DE&I.

How AI will affect the world of work

In this episode, Ann-Therése Enarsson and Claes Peyron discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform the world of work. They explore AI's impact on different professions and highlight the importance of human qualities like empathy and creativity. Ann-Therése also shares three tips to avoid being replaced by AI.

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Managing Director Nordics, UK&I at Universum
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