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Talent Outlook 2022

By Universum, 2022-10-01

In this webinar, Richard Mosley, Chief Strategist at Universum, covers the key challenges and trends Employer Branding and talent acquisition experts should pay attention to in 2022.

There’s revolution in the air on many fronts, and we provide you with the expert perspectives and data you need to successfully navigate what many expect to be a highly turbulent year.

During this one-hour session, Richard covers:

  • Hiring Outlook – How the recruitment bounce-back is gathering pace

  • Hybrid Working – Our latest global survey results on the new normal

  • Internal Mobility – From career ladders to zig zag career adventures

  • Diversity & Inclusion – Beyond the hype, what’s really changing to democratize career opportunities

  • Well-being – Why mental and physical well-being is likely to take centre stage in 2022

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