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Make smarter talent decisions with Employer Brand Insights​

Compare brand performance against competitors. Formulate unique strategies to attract your target talent. Improve ROI by delivering the right messages in the channels your target uses​.

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How to make smarter talent decisions

Assess your EVP

Find out how well your EVP speaks to your target talent group and how much realignment you might need. Strengthen your execution by measuring employer brand perception against your EVP​.

Maximize gains

Identify your brand’s weaknesses along the recruitment funnel and where to focus your efforts​. Prioritize your budget and resources based on real world data that is not available elsewhere.

Surpass your competitors

Compare your employer brand image against key talent competitors​ of your choosing. Find out key opportunities to create an advantage over them.

Learn from your fans

Identify the talent you are attracting and what part of your brand promise is resonating with them. Figure out ways to extend your fans and align more closely with your target talent groups.

It’s essential to use data to drive our Employer Branding and marketing strategy. Universum provides valuable and constructive information to enable Microsoft to make decisions that attract high quality candidates and strengthen our employer brand. Universum’s survey platform supports Microsoft’s understanding of the market dynamic and our positioning within the competitive landscape.”
Melanie Sharpe
Senior University Recruiting Manager, Asia Pacific, Greater China & Japan, Microsoft

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Make smarter talent decisions with Universum Employer Brand Insights

Access Universum Insights Platform and gain the strategic edge to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Discover why Universum is the leading provider of early career talent insights​

1. 600 000+ students and young professionals surveyed across 20+ markets to surface global talent trends.

2. The only source for the past 35 years for reliable and comparable brand image data​.

3. Unique and proven framework to capture talent's diverse preferences in considering employer alternatives​.

4. Wide range of employers to compare to, both within and outside your industry​.

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How is your employer brand perceived?

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