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Sweden's Best Employer

Sweden's Best Employer is an annual survey that measures employers' internal Employer Brand. The survey is conducted among a company's own employees and reveals how they rate their current employer.

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The value of being one of Sweden's best employers:

Strengthen your Employee Advocacy: leverage your employees as ambassadors and sources to create the perception of your Employer Brand.

Transparent company culture: Show an authentic and true picture of your culture by taking the temperature of your employees.

Understand how your company is perceived internally: map and define your candidate and employee experience.

Influence how you attract new talent: create a clear and thoughtful foundation for your employee offering that attracts new desired audiences.

Benchmarking: compare your employer brand with other similar employers to tweak, optimise and differentiate your offer.

Sweden's Best Employers measures the internal employer brand based on three factors:

Internal identity

How well employees believe their employer delivers in terms of the employer's reputation and image, job characteristics, people and culture, and compensation and opportunity for advancement.


How satisfied employees are from an overall perspective and how likely they are to recommend the employer to their social networks? This is measured using a scale of 1-10.


How likely employees are to stay with their current employer.

The ranking of Sweden's best employers is based on Universum's internal employer brand index, which ranges from 0 to 100 for each evaluated employer. Each factor has the same possible maximum value (33.33) and the evaluated employers are ranked based on the sum of the three parts.

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