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What does it mean to be an issuer of TRUE Original Documents?

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At Universum we have partnered with True Original Documents. This means that when you receive one of our documents via True Original Documents, it is an attestment of its validity with the support of their blockchain technology.

You can find all of our issued diplomas to employers around the world here.

The Universum Talent Survey is an independent business reference for employers worldwide. Maintaining this fact is vital to ensure that the insights that talent and employers gain from it are accurate and without bias. To safeguard the considerable investment involved in the production of the survey, Universum is vigilant for any attempts to tamper with or alter the outcome of its surveys.

You can read more about the ranking qualification process here.

What does it mean to issue documents with TRUE Original? 

Values and Beliefs: TRUE strive to be Transparent, Genuine, Intelligent, Helpful, Modern, and Secure, in the ways they operate and communicate. TRUE Issuers share these values. Read more here.

Transparent: Issuers never use the secure document technology to mislead Recipients or Viewers of issued documents. Users can always explain when and why a Recipient was given a TRUE Original Document.

Genuine: Issuers ensure that all information on issued documents, are correct and easy to understand.

Intelligent & inclusive: Issuers do what they can to ensure that all use of TRUE’s technology is inclusive and free from bias against religion, gender, age, culture, ethnicity etc.

Helpful: Issuers show their documents on a subdomain. This makes it easy for Recipients and Viewers to understand that they are looking at a secure and verifiable document.

Modern & responsible: To minimize the use of paper, envelopes, and snail-mail resources; Issuers print the issued documents rarely, if ever.

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