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Our Research Methodology

Universum's Talent Research is a comprehensive exploration of students’ and professionals’ preferences and expectations, rooted in an annual online survey spanning more than 20 countries. Over 500,000 participants contribute to a wealth of knowledge, generating 1.4 million evaluations for employers—a legacy that spans 35 years.

  1. Survey Timeline 
    The survey unfolds against the backdrop of the academic year, typically launching from September to October and concluding between March and April, with specific dates tailored to each country and target group. 

  2. Participant Experience and Incentives 
    Presented to participants as the CareerTest by Universum, the survey isn't just a data collection exercise. For talent, it's an opportunity for career exploration. Participants receive personalized career assessments, data-driven employer recommendations, and salary benchmarks. Exclusive career-related offers and chances to win shopping vouchers further sweeten the deal. 

  3. Sampling Strategy and Engagement 
    Our recruitment strategy employs convenience sampling, tapping into university networks, student and alumni organizations, job boards, and direct social media marketing. Meeting participants online, we engage them in career-related topics. 

  4. Data Cleaning and Representation 
    We adjust and weight the data to accurately represent the broader target populations under consideration. 

  5. Core Research Focus and Methodology 
    The survey delves into participants' career attitudes, preferences, and expectations, focusing on employer choice. Each participant is asked to give a detailed evaluation of their preferred employers, forming our research's foundation. 

  6. Data Segmentation and Transformation 
    Extensive data from the survey is meticulously transformed into high-quality research insights. Data is categorized based on occupational status and study background, with further segmentation where relevant. 

  7. Strategic Insights for Clients 
    The process enables us to advise clients on understanding target groups' employer desires, evaluating organizational attractiveness, identifying perceived strengths and weaknesses, uncovering preferred engagement channels, and benchmarking against competitors. 

  8. Universum Employer Brand key metrics and benchmarks 
    We have devised three essential metrics for performance gauging and benchmarking: Universum’s Most Attractive Employers Ranking, Universum’s Recruitment Funnel, and Universum’s Drivers of Employer Attractiveness

    Universum's Talent Research doesn't just collect data; it transforms insights into actionable strategies, providing clients with a competitive edge in understanding and attracting the right talent. 

    Endorsed by Global Standards for Market Research

    We are proud to be a Corporate Member of ESOMAR, the essential organization for encouraging, advancing, and elevating market research worldwide. This membership signifies our commitment to the highest standards of quality and ethics in research, as we have agreed to abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.

    Being part of ESOMAR’s global community of more than 10,000 members across over 130 countries, we adhere to a code that ensures our methodologies and practices are not only reliable but also ethically sound. This affiliation provides our clients and participants with the assurance that our work is of high quality and conducted with integrity.

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