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Our work with Trafikverket

Client Brief

To clarify the employee offer and develop a new EVP to reach the goals of an ambitious 10-year growth plan. Implementing a systematic and holistic approach towards external employer profiling activities would primarily ensure that the high recruitment targets (a result of the heavy expansion of Trafikverket) could be met.

Strategy – Content and functionality

The strategy contains:

  • A clear depiction of the need for a profiling strategy and an explanation of how the strategy supports the overarching goals of Trafikverket/other initiatives

  • An analysis of Trafikverkets recruitment needs and the consequent selection of talent groups of specific strategic importance

  • A clear definition of strategic targets and related KPI’s as well as internal effect measures

  • Detailed introduction of each KPI (meaning and status) and clear goal setting based on organizational needs

  • A KPI-dashboard

EVP Development

Creating the EVP with Togetherness in focus

Based on a thorough insight collection, analysis and co-creation, Trafikverkets EVP was developed. The focus was to ensure that four key criteria for a successful EVP were met; Attractive externally, Authentic, i.e. true internally, Distinctive and Credible. The end result was an EVP focused on the Togetherness, which signifies Trafikverket as an employer but also its role in society, today and tomorrow.

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Communication Strategy & Method

In order for Trafikverket to be successful with the ambitious recruitment targets, they needed to start increasing the attractiveness in several key target groups and get these target groups to start associate Trafikverket with their EVP pillars.

The general objectives were:

  • Raise the awareness for Trafikverket as an employer

  • Increase their attractiveness within chosen parts of their target groups

  • Engage their target groups

  • Build internal pride

The linking of our long term recruitment plans with our employer branding strategy has been instrumental in creating a truly data-led approach to our ongoing activities. And the positive thing is that it works. And when it doesn’t, we know how to fix it. All thanks to a clear process, the right KPIs and an agile mind-set. We can clearly see that our continuous efforts not only support the organizational objectives of Trafikverket, but also that the ROI is very positive.
Emil Adén
Former Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand, Trafikverket

About Trafikverket

Trafikverket is responsible for the long-term planning of the transport system for road, rail, shipping and aviation in Sweden. Their task is to develop an efficient and sustainable transport system from a perspective that encompasses all modes of transport. They work with long-term infrastructure planning in close dialogue with regions and municipalities. They are also responsible for building, operating and maintaining state roads and railways. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that this infrastructure is used effectively and that it promotes safe and environmentally sound transportation.

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