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Employer Qualification Process

Learn how we decide on the long list of employers to include in our global talent survey every year

Which employers are included in the annual CareerTest by Universum?

Our goal is to provide survey participants with a curated list of employers that truly resonates with them. We believe in a comprehensive employer evaluation process, considering factors like industry relevance, participation history, and the overall strength of employer branding efforts

To ensure the relevance of our lists, we employ a thoughtful set of questions that help us identify the most fitting employers for a particular talent demographic. These questions include:  

Job Opportunities: How well do the employer's job opportunities align with the aspirations of our participants?  

Talent Engagement: How actively is the employer involved in engaging and nurturing talent within their organization?  

Employer Brand: How much effort does the employer invest in cultivating a recognizable and appealing employer brand?  

Once an employer makes it onto our list, their position is further validated through the responses of our participants. Employers ranking in the top 90% are affirmed to have high relevance for the talent demographic, securing a well-deserved spot on the list for the following year. On the other hand, those in the lowest 10% may be replaced by new entries that meet the aforementioned criteria, ensuring that our lists continually reflect the evolving landscape of top employers in the different countries.  

At Universum, we believe in providing both our clients and our survey participants with accurate and dynamic insights into the best suited employers for their unique career paths. 

Key steps in our process: 

  1. Review current employers in each of our markets and target groups 

  2. See new nominations from both talent responses and company nominations 

  3. Assess market situation, industry relevance, talent engagement together with new nominations and finalise the employers list per country

  4. Career Test by Universum field period 

  5. Release employer rankings publicly in each country

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