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World’s Most Attractive Employers 2022

What do university graduates look for as they enter the workforce? Find out the key trends and desires of global talent through Universum’s research!

What do university graduates look for as they enter the workforce?

Universum has just released the results of its 14th annual World’s Most Attractive Employers report. This year Universum surveyed over 185,000 business, engineering, and IT students in the world’s 9 largest economies (Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, the UK and the US). We asked these groups of future talent to provide insights into the company characteristics they find most attractive in a potential employer, as well as who they perceive to be their ideal employer.  

Our 2022 report provides insights on the latest Employer Branding strategies that are currently resonating with the upcoming workforces and includes preferences and comparisons from talent across the globe.

This year’s report includes: 

  • Key Findings  

  • World’s Most Attractive Employers: Rankings  

  • Study Details and Breakdowns by Field of Study and Gender  

  • The Case for Strong Performance Orientation  

  • Effective Talent Targeting  

  • Preferred Industries and Most Desired Employer Attributes for Business, Engineering and IT Talent  

We expect that 2023 will be a year of rebalancing. Many employers stretched to hire talent at any cost over the last couple of years, but with inflation and economic uncertainty, they will need to rethink their priorities. Much like a ship requires a ballast to sail through rough seas, so too do companies need a strong, well-developed Employer Brand to steady their path forward and weather economic instability.
Mats Röjdmark
Former CEO, Universum

Why should you follow the World’s Most Attractive Employers?

By following the world’s most attractive employers, we can analyze the desires of talent and find out how those desires align with their perceptions of potential employers. Understanding the motivations of candidates will help companies of any size be better prepared to attract, recruit and retain talent. 

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