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Unlock your Employer Branding Potential with Access by Universum

By Universum, 2022-09-28

What is Access by Universum?

Access by Universum is a platform that provides compiled responses from over 1 million respondents to Universum surveys, in which the answers focus on what is important to talent when selecting an Employer. With our world-class data base, all your unique, customizable data is in one place where you can view, dissect, and gain important answers from an extremely large variety of data insights. With these insights, you will learn where to focus your Employer Branding efforts in order to attract and retain the best talent for your company.  

That said, Access is often misunderstood and just an online database. While this is true, Access is also a service delivery tool that opens the door to a variety of services at Universum.  

What are some features and benefits of Access?

Access has a lengthy list of features and benefits. For example, a customer receives the benefit of advisory services, the insights and knowledge of our Consultants, Product Managers, and of course, discovering actionable insights. In addition to this, there are some key features that are important in understanding the value Access provides: 

Customizable Data 

You will have all our recommended, default data views built by Universum experts. You will also be able to tailor cuts and visuals based on what you want to see or show internally and against competitors. 

All Your Data in One Place 

Access is your go-to Employer Branding platform. Dig into your talent data, filter on specific target groups, download insight reports, and much more directly through the platform. 

Insights That Matter 

Access helps you find talent that share your values and objectives. On top of that, we will tell you where to find them, so you know where to focus your Employer Branding efforts. 

All Your Key Data in One View 

With the unique feature, Brand key, you get an overview of key insights and action recommendations that will help you improve the attraction of your Employer Brand.

Access also has many other valuable tools. Within the platform is an extremely exciting feature where you can compare the attributes of your Employer Value Proposition against the top preferred attributes among the talent respondents. This allows you to ensure you are building a strong EVP that carries relevance and importance to potential talent. 

Who is Access for?

Access is for anyone who has a need to improve their Employer Branding efforts, and who are interested in using a proven data-driven approach to do this. With the ease of use of the platform, you can drill-down in the data, filter by location, target groups, talent preferences, and brand perceptions, without needing to be super skilled in analytics and the process of diving into it! 

What are the different Membership Levels in Access?

The difference in memberships is simple- more data breakdowns and more unique, relevant data insights are included as you increase your membership level.

For example, if you need to look at attracting IT talent and that’s it, you may only need the base level membership. However, if your Employer Branding needs to be increased and you are looking into multiple target groups and the data surrounding those, you would be better served by choosing one of the top two membership levels.

While different membership levels offer different insights, among other things, you can find the following data sets included:

  • Attractive Employer Ranking: list of most attractive employers

  • Recruitment Funnel Insights: Measurements of your performance in the recruitment funnel, including awareness, consideration ranking, ideal employer ranking and potential applicants ranking

  • Brand Preferences (Key Attributes): evaluation of important attributes

  • Brand Perception: see how you rank in importance of your brand attributes vs. what is important to talent

  • Lost Talent: What areas are you losing out on talent, and why?

  • Communication Channels: insights on where you should be targeting talent

How often is the data updated?

We run our surveys every year and update the data in Access following the compilation of respondents. Should you purchase a membership in 2022, you have access to the data for the entirety of 2022 and can constantly change your filters and dig deeper as your needs change throughout the year. When a membership is purchased again in 2023 for the new, updated 2023 data, you can also go back in and reference the data purchased the year before.

How can I start with Access?

Access is an essential tool for growing your Employer Brand that comes with a variety of specialized and tailored services to ensure that you can achieve your Employer Branding goals. Visit the Access Page to learn more, book a demo, or ask any other related questions. Let’s work together to attract your talent! 

How can we work together?

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