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Drive Employer Branding Success

Gain strategic insights, craft impactful talent strategies, and propel your EVP with innovative recruitment marketing. Measure your brand's impact to attract talent and upskill your team for sustained excellence.

Talent Insights

What career preferences do your target talent groups have?

How does your employer brand resonate with the talent groups you aim to attract?

How well do you understand how talent perceive your competition?

Talent insights are at the core of everything we do at Universum. Based on our annual talent survey, we create actionable insights that allow employers to measure the strength of their employer brand, compare it against key talent competitors and make impactful decisions that lead to success. 

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Employer Value Proposition

What is the most compelling way to define the key components of your employment offering? 

How can you stand out in a competitive talent market? 

What messages will resonate most with your key target groups? 

Developing a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) enables you to create a consistent framework for communication addressing all aspects of the talent lifecycle: attraction, recruitment, onboarding, and retention. 

We have over 30 years experience developing EVPs with some of the leading employer brands in the world. 

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Employer Brand Communication

How can you best capture the attention and interest of both passive and active candidates? 

How do you use talent insights to ensure your EVP translates effectively to different target audiences? 

How can you use story-telling to bring your EVP and culture to life for external audiences? 

Bringing an EVP to life requires more than just circulating it in the organization. With all the valuable insights packed into it, an EVP is a communication goldmine to craft targeted messaging and visual communications. 

We support employers to transform talent insights and EVP elements to tailored employer brand communication strategy and creative concepts. With our expertise, customers can maximize their impact reaching the right talent and addressing every stage of the recruitment journey in an effective way. 

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How effective are your marketing campaigns in converting people though your recruitment funnel from awareness, to consideration to ideal preference? 

How do you optimize your media investment? 

We can help you build potent recruitment marketing campaigns that fill talent pipelines. Our expertise is built upon years of research findings on evolving talent preferences. We put these insights to work and build campaigns that reach your target talent in the most effective ways, through the right channels and with the right message. 

Our expertise and proprietary data allow us to target lookalike audiences and increase your campaigns’ ROI. We focus on crafting campaign messages for each stage of the talent acquisition funnel to optimize results. 

Employer Branding Academy

How would mastering employer branding enhance your career and contribute to your company's success?

What kind of strategies could you develop with deeper knowledge of employer branding?

How can your team gain practical experience and learn directly from global employer branding experts?

Our Employer Branding Academy is the solution to train and enable professionals who, in various roles, have responsibility for employer branding activities in their companies.

We have solutions both for individual and team upskilling needs. Individuals can get certified through our global online course. For companies we provide a custom course for an entire group of employees that enables them to implement their specific EVP.

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