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Employer Value Proposition vs. Employee Value Proposition

By Universum, 2022-09-08

What’s the difference between Employer Value Proposition and Employee Value Proposition? 

EVP stands for Employer Value Proposition or Employee Value Proposition. Simply put, an EVP is the ‘perks’ of working at a job. It is the value that an employer gives their employees in exchange for their time and the work they do. This could be the very reason an employee would choose you to work for rather than one of your competitors. 
So, is there a difference between an Employer vs. an Employee Value Proposition? To break it down – not really. The confusion here comes down to naming conventions. Think about an American and British person describing the same storage space of a vehicle, the former would refer to it as a “trunk”, while the latter would say “boot”. However, both are referencing the identical part of the car. 
Relating to the above, recent search engine metrics show that different markets and geographical locations prefer the use of the word ‘Employer’, while others prefer ‘Employee’ when stating what the ‘E’ stands for in the EVP.  
These could be used synonymously to refer to the same thing. However, to make it more clear and even technically correct, one does fit better than the other, and that is explained below. 

Why Universum uses the term ‘Employer Value Proposition’ 

Employees are hired because they fill a specific need the company is searching for.  The value an employee gives to a company is best summed up in a CV or resume. Education, a unique skill-set, previous experience, additional training or certificates, and even volunteerism & board memberships are all things that employees give to an employer and are such perceived as valuable to the company looking to hire them.  
However, what do the employees get in return for giving their valuable skillset to the company? This is where the Employer Value Proposition comes into play. The value an employer gives to their talent to make sure they not only get them in the company but keep them there.  
Sure, some potential candidates might be applying for anything and everything just to get a job, but many candidates seek new job offers because they are not being compensated correctly for their skill set. The word compensation in this sense does not mean only financially, it also refers to the several attributes listed above – work-life balance, hybrid work models, diversity and inclusion, training and development, and benefits.  
Here, we see that EVP means just that – the value an employer is putting forward to potential candidates to come and work for them. In this case, it makes more sense to title it the ‘Employer Value Proposition’ instead of ‘Employee Value Proposition’. 

Would you like to develop or strengthen your own Employer Value Proposition? 

We have developed most EVPs around the world, setting the standard for how companies develop their Employer Branding strategy. Through our annual surveys which gain over one-million respondents across 40+ markets, we know what talent’s hopes and dreams are and deliver key insights about what talent values in your company as an employer.  
There are a lot of half-truths in research in the current climate, but we help our customers to unite around one truth and increase the focus of effective Employer Branding. Our data gives you the ability to steer your strategies and actions in the right direction. Our periodic research – distributed on a yearly basis – allows your company to build and measure KPIs based on our data. You can then take the data and turn insights into action. 
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