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Smart Recruitment Marketing in 5 steps 

By Universum, 2022-09-15

Recruitment marketing can help an organisation create a name for itself, cut down the cost-per-hire and raise candidate quality. But what is recruitment marketing? And how can Universum help you launch your very own smart recruitment marketing campaigns?

The last 12 months have been the toughest for HR and talent acquisition professionals in living memory. The hangover from the pandemic still lingers in the form of the great migration, that has not only made it problematic attract the right talent but incredibly difficult to retain them. Some believe a downturn in the economy will correct this; however, we know from our 2008 – 2010 data that this is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Simply put, it’s been a tough year and there are no signs that it’s getting any easier. Add this to the fact that Meta (Facebook and Instagram) have imposed new restrictions on targeting talent, and it couldn’t be clearer that employers MUST find a new approach to attract, and recruit.  

Universum’s Smart Recruitment Marketing

We have over 30 years of experience helping the world’s best-known companies with their challenges when it comes to engaging and attracting talent, and we have the data to back it up. On an annual basis, Universum surveys over 1 million students and young professionals from over 40 markets via our CareerTest.

There’s a good amount of digital acumen involved too, making great use of social media as well as focusing on enhancing a company’s online reputation and employer brand. This is all in the interest of reaching the 66% of the workforce that are not actively seeking a new position.

In short, our unique talent targeting methods and propriety data on the right talent means that candidates are in the fast lane within a talent pool that is ready and waiting, ensuring your cost-per-hire is down but your candidate quality is up.

Our Recipe for Smart Recruitment Marketing in 5 steps   

Step 1 – Planning

We will begin by discussing your objectives and developing a results-driven model. This model highlights how to discover, engage, and develop applicants and forecast the outcome. 

Step 2 – Content

Based on Universum’s talent data we will decide which type of content will make your Employer Brand stand out. We can use existing content or roll out a series of new assets, including Images, video, copywriting, and landing page creation.  

Step 3 – Targeting

Marketing automation, and content marketing techniques ultimately blend together here. Using a “source audience” from Universum’s talent database (e.g., German engineering professionals who consider working for a particular company) we can then target similar people or “lookalikes” in social media. 

Step 4 – Optimizing the campaign

This starts by campaigning in the most efficient channels and A/B testing the content to establish which assets resonate with your target talent. Knowing this will allow us to optimize the campaign by focusing solely on the right channels and the most engaging content. 

Step 5 – Reporting

Throughout the duration of the campaign, you will receive updates on the results as well as full campaign reporting upon completion. 

Which Problems can Recruitment Marketing Help You Conquer?

Recruitment marketing can help you achieve your hiring goals and help you overcome a wide range of common and specific recruitment challenges. For example, helping you gain an edge over your competition, locating specific kinds of talent pools, as well as, hiring larger pools of candidates.

Universum has had the great pleasure to assist a wide range of employers in attracting and hire the talent the critical talent they need to thrive as companies. From hospitals that required extremely niche groups of talent, to creating Unilever’s “Unilever Calling” campaign for the MENA region, we have a wealth of experience in assisting employers of all sizes achieve their goals.

If you are currently struggling with one of these issues and you would like to find out more about Universum’s Smart Recruitment Marketing services, you can learn more about how we helped our clients and request a meeting here.

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