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Employer Branding Academy - New FREE EBAx Courses

By Universum, 2023-01-20

Employer Branding Academy is eXcited to share EBAx with you!  

Today, Universum is pleased to announce the launch of our new free Employer Branding courses. EBAx, has been specifically designed to provide lessons and insights on a variety of specific Employer Branding topics such as, Talent Strategy, Employer Value Proposition, Culture, and Recruitment Marketing.  

What is EBAx?

Our brand-new category of express online courses will cover a range of Employer Branding subjects in a condensed and snackable format. 

“Our aim with EBAx is to provide our industry with necessary and useful information that allows them to discover more on the above listed topics, but also hope to provide the customers with a desire to learn more, and enroll in the paid version of the platform, the Employer Branding Academy” Said Universum CMO, Jonas Barck. 

Jonas continued “We believe that this course will be a valuable resource for all existing and potential clients by offering a free course and a certificate for all who are interested in Employer Branding.” 

Which Courses Are Currently Available?

There are currently two courses available, both of which focus on different stages of Talent Strategy. 

The first course is the Fundamentals of Talent Strategy: Part 1 – The Foundation, will guide you through the steps necessary to implement a successful talent strategy. We will describe what it is and how it satisfies not only your hiring objectives but also the targets and goals for the commercial success of your organization. Additionally, we will discuss the two essential elements of a talent strategy: employer branding and employer value proposition. 

Our second course is Fundamentals of Talent Strategy: Part 2 – Implementation, which is an extension of the first course and guides you on how to execute your talent strategy. We’ll talk about telling your company’s story and attracting new talent in a step-by step manner. Importantly, we’ll also look at engaging existing employees and activating them as brand ambassadors to strengthen your talent attraction efforts.

Who are the Courses Catered For? 

“There is such a high interest in the market to learn about employer branding online, given its rise on business agendas and relevant positions. Fortunately we have solid experience in online employer branding education through our Employer Brand Management certification course, that we’ve been offering to professionals across the globe over the past decade. However, there are many that are just starting to scrape the surface, exploring their curiosity, or instead just want an introduction into a particular topic within the vast EB space.” said Employer Branding Academy, Product owner, Eva Carlson.  

Eva continued “For this reason we’ve want to democratize EB education a bit more and share our knowledge in quicker and more accessible formats. We know for instance that professionals are interested specifically in topics such as KPIs and ROI, or how to do data-driven campaigns, etc. So while this is just the beginning, we’re very excited to continue building the EBAx library together over the course of this year and sharing it with the EB community!”. 

So, whether you’re short on time, or need an introduction to a particular Employer Branding topic, this is where EBAx comes in. All you need to do is register via our website to get access to the free Employer Branding courses on our e-learning platform.  

Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion upon completing each of these courses. 

How do you Access the free Employer Branding Courses?

Start 2023 the right way by making sure you and your staff are using the best tools and picking up new skills to advance your business and strengthen your Employer Brand! 

Register for the course now

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in getting started by emailing team@employerbrandingacademy.com.

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