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Employer Branding NOW 2024

By Richard Mosley, 2024-05-28

Unveiling the 2024 Talent Landscape! Join Universum's Richard Mosley and Claes Peyron for a deep dive into the results of our yearly Employer Branding NOW survey.

Employer Branding NOW 2024 – Shifting Focus for Employer Brand Managers? 

The results from our Employer Branding NOW 2024 survey are in! Here you can read more, and sign up for the exclusive webinar where we'll highlight the latest trends and findings. This year, nearly 1,000 human resources and talent management leaders took our survey to provide us with data on their opinions, initiatives, and actions taken surrounding the current state of Employer Branding. We combined this with the specific strategies of companies identified by Universum’s research as the World’s Most Attractive Employers to present you with this Deep-dive webinar.    

During this presentation Universum will share key trends and projections for the coming year from our recent global benchmarking survey. Our findings from this year suggest some significant shifts in focus for employer brand managers as well as the continuation of some long-standing trends.  

Tune in to discover:  

  • Employers’ overall assessment of the current talent market 

  • Whether employer brand budgets are rising, falling or stable 

  • How leading employers are re-thinking the balance between global consistency and more targeted local messaging 

  • Why internal career mobility has become a must-win priority 

  • The extent to which AI is being incorporated into modern recruitment marketing and talent acquisition. 

  • And much more! 

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