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Employer Brand Communication

Capture the Imagination

Make the right creative connection

Offering the right employment deal often falls flat unless you also deliver the right feel – an attention-grabbing call to action, and a visual identity that stands out from the crowd while authentically reflecting the qualities that make you truly special. If you feel your employer branding is failing to make the right impression, we can help co-create that certain feeling you may well be the perfect choice.

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Universum helped us to rebuild our visual assets for employer branding.
We went from having a rather centralized European image bank to a localised and globally diverse photography selection woven into a purpose-led creative campaign. Throughout, Universum showed truly global capacity, were fully dedicated, and helped us develop a campaign that we’re very proud of.

Maren Peitz

Global Employer Branding at BASF SE

Get your story right

Research tells us that a tagline may grab your attention, but it’s the stories you tell that seal the deal. If you’d like our help in finding, producing and sharing stories that reveal the true heart and soul of your organization then check out our guide to compelling social story content.

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Connect with the right target audiences

Once you have the right story to tell it’s all about reaching the right audience. If you’d like to extend your reach and hit the right talent with the right content then let us help you find the key to engaging and compelling the talent you need to get in touch.

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