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Global Insights On How Students Currently View Companies

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Universum Global has just released its 11th annual World’s Most Attractive Employers report. This year Universum surveyed over 245,000 business and engineering/IT students in the world’s 12 largest economies (Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the US) and asked them to provide insight on company characteristics they find most attractive in a potential employer as well as who they perceive to be their ideal employer.

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While many of the top global employers continue to retain their dominant position in our rankings there are a lot of underlying changes in the qualities young talent are looking for that every company needs to pay attention to. We continue to see an increasing demand for employers to clarify and communicate their core purpose, and provide an outlet for entrepreneurialism. We also see a growing need for multinational companies to highlight their local strengths, and not rely too heavily on their international status. We continue to live in a highly connected world, but also a world in which small can be beautiful, and local identity and diversity holds a growing appeal.” Universum CEO, Mats Röjdmark.

The WMAE are at the forefront of emerging employer branding trends and tactics but are also at the root of evolutionary adjustments. By following the world’s most attractive employers, we can analyze the desires of talent to learn how those desires align with the perception of the companies themselves. Understanding the motivations of candidates will help organizations of any size be better prepared to attract and retain talent.

Our 2019 report dives into the latest global Employer Branding strategies that are currently resonating with the upcoming workforces and includes talent preferences and comparisons over the last decade.

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