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Developing a globally resonant yet locally adaptable new Employer Value Proposition for Siemens through in-depth perception analysis.

Unilever Mena

Revolutionizing talent acquisition in the MENA region through engaging storytelling and innovative recruitment marketing strategies.


Employer Branding in a Truly Data Driven Manner.
Fremtind is an attractive employer with important social responsibility. With Universum’s help, we became aware of our strengths, where we stand out and what kind of stories we can communicate to take a clear position in the talent market. It’s important for us to build a strong relationship with both present and future employees – who are Fremtind’s main resource.
Simen Berntsen Rudi
Head of Communication, Fremtind
Finding a partner for our employer brand program was not easy. They needed to be global, extremely credible, both soundly strategic and with in-house content production capabilities, as we needed to quickly turn a new framework into engaging deliverables. Among the many providers we evaluated Universum was really the only one up to the task and our relationship proved to be a clear success factor.
Lorenzo Fedele
Culture and Employer Branding Director, Campari Group
We chose Universum and its Employer Branding Academy as our partner to up/re skill our HR community across our 23 METRO/MAKRO Countries. Well-designed, quality content provided through the platform was enhanced by weekly live digital sessions and has led to the overall improvement of the skills of our HR colleagues. Sharing best practices between countries combined with the significant insights from Universum experts created an interactive community that maintains even after the EBA. I appreciate the qualitative data and knowledge provided through the course and the desirable feedback from all the participants. I am proud of the countries’ inspiring final projects and look forward to seeing the implementation next year.
Jerome Grillet
Director Global Talent Acquisition at METRO AG
At the start of our EVP journey, we looked for a partner with a validated and strategic approach, access to global talent market data, and a clear framework to build on. Universum ticked all boxes and proved to be a credible partner. Together we established a solid foundation and created a strong and compelling EVP for FrieslandCampina. This foundation enables us to communicate our Employer Brand proposition in a consistent way, globally and locally. In our eyes, EVP is more than Employer Branding. We bring the EVP to life by embedding it in the most relevant touch points as well like onboarding, learning, and rewards. That makes our promise true, credible, and aspirational.
Rutger Groenewegen
Global Employer Branding Manager, FrieslandCampina

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Crafting a cohesive global Employer Value Proposition during FrieslandCampina's transformative phase, aligning with diverse cultural nuances.


Upskilling the HR teams and accelerating the Employer Value Proposition development among METRO/MAKRO countries


Finding the relevant stories and data-supported communication themes that could elevate the Employer Brand and the awareness of the talent they want to recruit and retain

Mercado Libre

Refreshing and localizing Mercado Libre's Employer Value Proposition, tailoring it to mirror the dynamic spirit of Latin America's market.

Novo Nordisk

Development of a custom Employer Branding Course to onboard and enable local teams across the globe to implement EVP in a consistent but localized manner

Campari Group

Development of a global EVP and a creative campaign which amplifies the distinctive values and culture of the Campari Group and the attractive nature of the Camparista experience


Developing a globally unified yet flexible EVP for Mondelēz International, adaptable to the evolving post-Covid talent market.
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