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Unveiling the Secrets to Attracting Tech Talent: A Data-Driven Masterclass

By Universum, 2024-03-19

Recruiting in the Tech Fast Lane: Why Your Old Playbook Needs an Upgrade

The tech industry is a whirlwind of change, and attracting the best talent requires a strategy that moves at the same speed. Forget quirky ping pong tables and nap pods – today's tech professionals crave more. They want something more sustainable for their careers.  

This blog post, informed by over 10 years’ experience within employer brand and marketing, and my time at Universum, dives deep into the data-driven approach that unlocks the secrets to attracting top tech talent. 

Decoding What Tech Talent Wants 

Gone are the days when generic perks swayed the best minds. Here's what truly matters to tech professionals today, based on Universum's 2024 Talent Insights: 

Competitive Compensation & Rewards: Competitive pay and benefits are crucial, especially in a dynamic economic landscape. 

Work-Life Balance (Not Just a Buzzword):It's about fostering a culture that respects personal time and prioritizes well-being. 

A Culture of Respect: Recognition for individual contributions and valuing diverse perspectives are key. 

Career Growth & Stability: Providing opportunities for learning and advancement fosters an increased need for sense of security and attracts high-caliber talent.

Crafting an Irresistible Narrative: How to Speak Their Language 

Attracting the right talent requires weaving these priorities into the entire recruitment journey. We need to craft a story that resonates with tech candidates, from the moment they discover your company to the final application clicks. However, not from our stereotype fueled assumptions.  

Here's where data-driven insights come in. They allow us to tailor messaging that addresses the current concerns of tech professionals, like the desire for stability in a fast-paced industry; but one that has also seen cuts and less favorable headlines in recent times. 

From Case Study to Blueprint: How One Company Attracted Top Female Talent 

Let's use a real-world example and explore how a tech consultancy leveraged Universum's insights to address a specific challenge: attracting more female tech talent and fostering a diverse team. 

The Challenge: Breaking Through the Gender Gap 

This consultancy, despite its impressive contributions, struggled with low brand recognition and a not-uncommon gender imbalance in their tech teams. Their goal was to attract more tech talent, of course, but in this campaign a specific focus on increasing the number of women. 

The Solution: Strategic Insights, Focused Approach 

The key was understanding what truly matters to female tech professionals. Universum's Talent Insights revealed work-life balance and career advancement as top priorities. 

Building the Bridge: Showcasing the Commitment 

The consultancy aimed to showcase their dedication to supporting both professional and personal aspirations. This strategy countered the industry's reputation for long hours, work-life imbalance, and intangible career paths for female employees. 

Crafting the Message: A Story That Resonates 

The campaign's centerpiece was a compelling blog post featuring a female tech leader who balanced a thriving career with a fulfilling family life. This narrative showcased the possibility of achieving career goals without sacrificing personal commitments. 

We A/B tested, and the content that really worked – focused on specific key words in the text – “Family”, “Kids”, “Work-Life Balance”, whereas the copy focused on corporate, inwardly facing challenges resonated less.  

Targeted Communication: Reaching the Right Audience 

Reaching the target audience effectively involved understanding where they consumed career information. Universum's insights helped identify the platforms frequented by female tech talent, ensuring the message resonated with the right individuals. Furthermore, their partnership with Universum on the campaign, ensured they were building accurate audience identities through our talent database to fuel social media algorithms.  

The Impact: A Click Above the Rest 

The results were impressive. The campaign achieved an average of 6.75% click-through rate, significantly exceeding industry benchmarks by 15x. This high engagement celebrated the message's relevance and connection with the target audience. Less about big impressions metrics, more about razor-sharp engagement – right content, right people, as the demographic charts show.  

The Takeaway: Data-Driven Recruitment is the New Frontier 

Attracting top tech talent isn't about gimmicks; it's about genuinely understanding and addressing their needs. A data-driven approach on multiple levels, empowers us to craft targeted messaging and engage with tech professionals with real relevance.   

Embrace the data, apply the insights, and transform your organization into a magnet for the best tech minds. This blog post serves as your blueprint for success in the competitive tech talent landscape. Remember, the key lies in understanding what truly matters to tech professionals and building a genuine connection through data and effective communication. Sprinkle some Universum deep knowledge and consulting into the equation, and you have a magic formula, again and again.  


By: Steve Ward, Head of Employer Branding Solutions - UKI & Global

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