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It’s essential to use data to drive our Employer Branding and marketing strategy. Universum provides valuable and constructive information to enable Microsoft to make decisions that attract high quality candidates and strengthen our employer brand. Universum’s survey platform supports Microsoft’s understanding of the market dynamic and our positioning within the competitive landscape
Melanie Sharpe
Senior University Recruiting Manager, Asia Pacific, Greater China & Japan, Microsoft

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Boost your talent strategy and make smarter decisions with findings from the world’s longest running talent research.

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Enhance employer attractiveness by crafting a powerful Employer Value Proposition.

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Boost your company's image and become an employer of choice.

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Elevate any employer brand to new heights with our leading online employer branding management course.

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Elevating Market Research with Global Standards

At Universum, we're proud to be a beacon of trust and excellence in talent research. As a Corporate Member of ESOMAR, the world's leading market research organization, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and ethics. Our commitment to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code ensures reliable, ethical research that illuminates the path to strategic decision-making.

What's new in employer branding?

4 ways employer branding can help with the Great Migration and labor shortages

With unemployment rates at historic lows, many workers have more bargaining power than they have had in years. This has led to an increase in wages and benefits, as employers compete for top talent. For some, now it easier to leave their current job and find a new one with better pay and benefits, and then repeat the process.

How can marketing, communications, and HR elevate your employer brand?

"Employer Branding” is a term that has been increasing in popularity year over year. While some countries around the world have completely immersed themselves in this topic and even have a dedicated Employer Brand Manager, other countries are just learning about this complex topic and have limited knowledge on the subject matter.

The value of an employer value proposition (EVP)

If you’re an HR, Talent Acquisition or Recruitment Marketing professional, chances are you’ve already encountered an EVP – also known as an ‘Employer Value Proposition’. However, what you may not know is how an EVP can directly impact your organization’s bottom line and drive value in both tangible and intangible ways.

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