Universum ist führend in der Entwicklung von Arbeitgebermarken auf Basis breiter Marktforschung. Mit über 25 Jahren Erfahrung und Niederlassungen auf der ganzen Welt unterstützen wir multinationale Unternehmen, Talente zu finden und für sich zu gewinnen. Wir helfen Ihnen, bessere Arbeitskräfte zu bekommen – ganz einfach.

3 questions for Karl-Johan Hasselström, COO Universum



Karl-Johan has been with Universum for over 8 years. As a thought leader in employer branding, KJ (as everyone calls him) succeeds to continuously reinvent Universum’s solutions. KJ has two small boys and enjoys in his free time to be with his family and play in his rock band.

1. Is it better to have a global Employer Branding strategy or to communicate locally?
It is important to build a global strategy and then to modify it locally and adapt it to the specific environment since every market works differently.

2. Companies often present themselves with a video of a couple of minutes. Is that a good communication strategy?
A video is definitely a good strategy. However, that should not be a boring presentation of the company and its values. It should be interesting. It must attract potential employees so that they stop at the page and scroll down to check out the phone number.

3. What are the mistakes committed by most companies when building their employer brand?
The most common mistake is probably the absence of a strategy and lack of communication: Not a clear goal, boring and repetitive messages. Also not sending a clear message towards prospective employees about what the company is doing and why.




3 questions for Daniel Eckert, Research Manager Universum


As a research manager, Daniel is key and part of the backbone of Universum’s studies. He always has great insights and ideas for comparisons, new inputs and knows about trends and latest developments. Along with his colleagues, Daniel monitors that our findings are published in an accurate way, oversees and leads conversion of our data into actionable insights. As a sociologist with strong statistical skills, Daniel judges and evaluates figures from our studies and develops new key-indicators . He is always good for a joke or two, even under high pressure.

1. What is the basis of successful employer branding?

The foundation is understanding the context one operates in and knowing one’s own position as well as what the competition is doing. The second step is the conversion of research insights to action.

 2. Are companies using data for their employer branding strategies?

Our research (especially the study: “Employer Branding Now 2016”) shows that many companies don’t use data for predictive purposes to evaluate the effectiveness of their employer branding efforts. Just 3 out of 10 talent executives in large companies use employer brand attribute scores to figure out whether their investment in employer branding is paying off, and whether it’s aligned to the true experience of candidates and employees.

3. Which industries are top and which ones are flop for Swiss students?

It depends on the field. For business students, banks are very popular. Banks however are also urgently looking for IT talents and engineers. But IT students are more attracted to the Software and Computer Services industry. Engineers on the other hand, would like to work in the engineering and manufacturing industry.